Baklava and Repeat Prune Cake

Two posts in one day, don’t you feel lucky? Well, it’s just to show off the pictures of the cake for tomorrow night.  My mom wanted me to make the same prune cake I made a few weeks ago, only this time with more chopped nuts in it. I also made Baklava for my sister, I know,  a weird choice, but it’s what she wanted.

Since I am Pagan, I don’t really celebrate Christmas, I celebrate Yule, so there’s really no real traditional dishes we eat. Pretty much whatever we like.

For the baklava, lightly toast the nuts, then start with the phyllo. My mom got me a cool baking “mat” that is incredibly easy to wipe clean. Super cool in black.

Place the thawed phyllo and follow the instructions on layering. I used Pam instead of melted butter, and I really recommend it for brushing on each piece of dough. Here it is completed, right before it went into the oven.

Put in the oven and bake. Meanwhile you can prepare teh syrup. As soon as the baklava is done, pour the syrup over it and then cut into whatever sized pieces you like. It’s a messy job, but really worthwhile.

And here is the beautiful cake (if I do say so myself) for tomorrow evening.


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